PATIO is an Architecture firm based in Mexico City that specializes in architectural and landscape design with an holistic approach based on research and experimentation.

Associates Arch. Yareni Rebollar and Arch. Agustín Hernández started the firm after working at world-renowned local studios with the strong conviction that Architecture and Landscape design can be approached as one, no matter how small or complex the project seems to be.

With that vision, they have designed as small projects as OBJETOSVIVOS (contemporary-designed, traditionally-made clay pots from Oaxaca) or as big as a public space classification for Mexico City (SISTEMA ESPACIO PUBLICO CDMX) with the strong belief that the future of the cities and architectural practices rely in the respectful and balanced relationships between the built and the unbuilt and between the old and the new technologies.

Please feel free to leave us a message in the contact box if you need any further reference or send an email to contacto@patio.org.mx with your request.